About Us


Our mission is to help disrupt transnational, organised wildlife crime by exposing criminal networks and the corruption that enables them to flourish by empowering – or, if need be, pressuring –  governments to enforce their laws.

The objective of our investigations is to activate justice for wildlife and for the source communities affected by illegal wildlife trade.

Our scope encompasses illegal trade by organised transnational criminal networks in endangered wildlife species, timber and fisheries.

During the past 12 months, as a result of our intelligence and undercover operations, and in co-operation with Malaysian, Indian and Vietnamese police and wildlife authorities, 49 traffickers have been arrested and eight major trafficking networks involved in the supply of ivory, rhino horn, testudines and tigers have been disrupted.

We operate globally and currently have several investigations ongoing in countries in Africa and Asia. In order not to jeopardise criminal proceedings we are by necessity limited in the information we can share.


Download our brochure here: Wildlife Justice Commission Brochure – Fall 2017.

Download our Annual Reports here:

Wildlife Justice Commission Annual Report 2016

Wildlife Justice Commission Annual Report 2015

Our film

The following short film explains how we work, what type of organised criminal networks we investigate and why we do what we do. All with one clear objective: to disrupt and help dismantle transnational organised criminal networks trafficking endangered species.