Case selection

We seek to add another dimension to existing global efforts to tackle wildlife crime.

There is a scale of criminality involved in wildlife crime and our investigations target those at the highest levels: the people who operate and facilitate these large criminal networks – the traffickers, the politicians and the financiers.

When selecting a case, our primary goal is always to disrupt and help dismantle transnational organised criminal networks in order to have a significant impact.

Cases are selected through a rigorous selection process based on an assessment of how the case scores against criteria of proportionality and subsidiarity, the impact of the suspected crimes on biodiversity, the impact on the rule of law and impact we expect to achieve.

Case proposal

Even though our capacity is limited, we are always open to receiving information or proposals for new cases.

If you would like to share with us pertinent information on individuals suspected to be involved in (organised) wildlife crime or wish to propose a wildlife crime case, you can email us at: