Nhi Khe, Vietnam

Elephant TusksINVESTIGATION UPDATE: All the latest updates on our Nhi Khe, Vietnam investigation, including undercover photos and footage, below.

Latest updates:

Wildlife Justice Commission Vietnam investigation: Illegal trade in CITES Appendix I species including elephant, rhino and tiger in / from Nhi Khe and associated locations, Vietnam. Case File delivered to Vietnam (January 2016) and China (February 2016), with the supplementary, second Case File delivered to Vietnam and CITES (July 2016).

  • Complete case file documentation contains over 5,000 pages print plus extensive audio and visual evidence.


Investigation press releases: Screenshot_2016-06-08-16-31-39 (1)



Undercover photos:
A series of undercover photos taken by our investigations team during multiple visits in Vietnam. The images show raw and final products for sale of a huge range of endangered species.



Undercover footage: 

Tiger skins offered for sale to our investigations team by Vietnamese traders: