Dutch Postcode Lottery new grant to the Wildlife Justice Commission

EUR 1.9 million granted to build and strengthen intelligence capacity to fight wildlife crime in protected areas of Southeast Asia

 The Hague, the Netherlands, 29 March 2021 

The Dutch Postcode Lottery has awarded the Wildlife Justice Commission with a EUR 1.9 million grant for a three-year project addressed to build and strengthen intelligence capacity to fight wildlife crime in protected areas of Southeast Asia.

The project will build a global intelligence unit to fight wildlife crime to help save species from extinction in Southeast Asia. Wildlife crime is a serious threat, not only for endangered biodiversity but also for global security and public health. This grant, made possible by money raised by Dutch Postcode Lottery players, will enable the Wildlife Justice Commission to provide strategic support to law enforcement agencies and other key stakeholders who are critical to safeguarding protected landscapes and wildlife in Southeast Asia. The project will contribute to enhance their capacity to conduct intelligence analysis and by creating a global intelligence picture of wildlife crime that can also inform policy makers.

In addition, the grant will also enable the Wildlife Justice Commission to conduct online mentoring and operational support to wildlife crime analysts, allowing for the implementation of the activities scheduled in the project while the COVID-19 travel restrictions continue.

“We all acknowledge the urgency to protect biodiversity and recognise that fighting wildlife crime is a key step to safeguard species and their habitats,” said Jonne Arnoldussen, Head of the Charities department of the Dutch Postcode Lottery. “We are very pleased that the Dutch Postcode Lottery can support the mission of the Wildlife Justice Commission thanks to its participants.”

“We are thrilled to receive this grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery players, and very thankful for their continued support for our work,” says Olivia Swaak-Goldman, Executive Director of the Wildlife Justice Commission. “This grant will enable us to support the development of law enforcement intelligence capacity, a key tool in the fight against organised crime, and to directly contribute to the protection of biodiversity in areas of conservation concern in Southeast Asia.”

The Wildlife Justice Commission operates globally to disrupt and help dismantle organised transnational criminal networks trading in wildlife, timber and fish. We do this by collecting evidence and turning it into accountability. 

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