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The Wildlife Justice Commission is awarded an €1.1m grant from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery
26 January 2016, The Hague | Press Release

The Hague, 27 January 2016: The Wildlife Justice Commission has received an €1.1m grant from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery for 2016.

The annual grants were announced at a ceremony in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on Tuesday 26 January 2016.

Executive Director of the Wildlife Justice Commission, Sam Muller, attended the ceremony on behalf of the team, he explained:

“Wildlife crime is completely running out of control. We are not the simple, silver bullet solution, but law enforcement is certainly a very important part of what it will take to stop this. It takes courage to do what we do. It also takes courage to fund what we so. Therefore, we are tremendously grateful to the National Postcode Lottery for this support. We will use it well”.

The Wildlife Justice Commission has recently presented the authorities of Viet Nam with a Case File, a detailed and actionable file, regarding a large criminal network based in Viet Nam trading in endangered wildlife species. Other wildlife cases are in progress globally.


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