Financial and Annual Reports

Accountability and transparency

Efficiency, integrity and transparency are the core principles that drive our work and they also provide clarity on how we are funded and who we will take contributions from.

Our integrity and independence are not only core principles, which drive how we work, they also give clarity to how we are funded and who we will take donations from. We are working to stop a multi-billion-dollar illicit industry and operate with a tiny fraction of the funds at the disposal of the criminals. We maximise our resources to the fullest. And we are committed to ensure that the partners that make our work possible are updated on an ongoing basis on the use of their funding and the results that it yields.  

Our work requires courage to undertake and patience to deliver and we thank all the individuals and partners who support us and make our work possible. We would like to encourage interested partners to contact us here.

Our finances in 2018

Taking on the billion-dollar wildlife crime industry is no small task. Our work is global in its scope, labour-in- tensive by its very nature, and often time consuming. Despite all these challenges, the WJC was on a sound financial footing in 2018, including funding the expansion of the Investigations Unit.

annual report 2018 wildlife justice commission
How we’ve spent the money
Management & Administration
annual report 2018 wildlife justice commission
Where our money comes from
Income from foundations
Income from lotteries
Income from individual donors

Annual Reports and financial statements

Our funding comes from lotteries, foundation grants and donations from individuals. Their support is crucial to achieving our mission.

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