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Working together to tackle transnational organised wildlife crime

The Wildlife Justice Commission in the US

Friends of Wildlife Justice Commission (FoWJC) is the Wildlife Justice Commission’s US entity. It is a 501.3.(c) registered charity established in 2017 to generate additional support for our work fighting transnational organised wildlife crime.

FoWJC is located at:
One Liberty Plaza, 165 Broadway Fl. 23, New York, NY 10006.


Phone +3170 205 1050
Available on working days until 11 am EDT

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Leveraging the US nexus against transnational organised wildlife crime

Partnership is central to our approach as we work to enable and speed up the work of others, from law enforcement to governments working to deter transnational organised wildlife crime.

The US is central to this effort. The country is an important link in the supply chain of illegal live wildlife and products, being a top destination for exotic reptiles, amphibians and birds that are kept as household pets and drive the illegal pet trade, as well as products from endangered wildlife.

But the US has also some of the most ambitious and broadest legislation to fight wildlife trafficking, home and abroad, plus associated white-collar and money laundering crimes. Besides being signatory to international treaties, the US had been at the forefront of wildlife protection with the enactment of the Lacey Act in 1900 and its amendments. This Act is an important tool for the prohibition of international trafficking in protected wildlife.

The Lacey Act provides the US with a very powerful tool to take the lead against transnational organised wildlife crime. It has the potential to disrupt criminal networks trading in wildlife when a US nexus is discovered. The Wildlife Justice Commission is determined to find these US nexuses and leverage the Lacey Act to increase the disruption of transnational organised wildlife crime.

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Donations made to the Wildlife Justice Commission are tax-deductible under Dutch law, as we have ANBI status. EU citizens can also make their contributions tax-deductible. See our Donate section for more details on how you can help us to fight transnational organised wildlife crime. Donating from the USA? Click here.