WJC Global

Our structure

The Wildlife Justice Commission has been investigating wildlife crime since its establishment in the Netherlands in 2015. We have worked with our law enforcement partners to facilitate the arrest of major wildlife traffickers and to change the operational landscape. Our continuing efforts with law enforcement agencies include the sharing of intelligence reports; the presentation of compelling evidence for use in court; and the reinforcement of law enforcement’s capability to investigate and address the trafficking of vulnerable terrestrial and marine species through training, mentoring, and specialist intelligence and operational support to joint operations. We also work with a broad group of stakeholders, including policy makers, to share our insights into wildlife crime and the criminal activities that facilitate it and to promote political will in addressing those most responsible for these crimes.

In 2023, the Wildlife Justice Commission stepped up the fight against wildlife crime by establishing in-country presences in Thailand and the United States of America. Having a base in Southeast Asia has allowed us to continue our close cooperation with national law enforcement in Thailand and the Greater Mekong region, particularly by conducting joint investigations, sharing intelligence, and further expanding our capacity-building work. It also allows us to engage more closely with local stakeholders. Our presence to the United States furthers our mission of disrupting and helping to dismantle the transnational criminal networks trading in wildlife, timber, and fish by strengthening relationships with US-based partners, stakeholders, and supporters.

The Wildlife Justice Commission is now comprised of four entities working together to disrupt and help to dismantle wildlife crime:

  • The Wildlife Justice Commission International

    Incorporated in Delaware, USA, in 2023

  • The Wildlife Justice Commission Netherlands

    Incorporated in The Hague, the Netherlands, in 2015

  • The Wildlife Justice Commission Investigations

    Incorporated in Delaware, USA, in 2023

  • Thailand Branch Office

    Incorporated in Thailand in 2023