Our Impact

In 2015, we had a powerful new idea. Today we know it works.

Our Impact since 2015

Within eight years of existence, the Wildlife Justice Commission has:

  • conducted 24 investigations throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas
  • helped dismantle over 40 criminal networks, preventing them from regrouping
  • facilitated 201 arrests of high-level suspects, with a 100% conviction rate for cases that have gone before the courts
  • shared more than 300 intelligence reports with law enforcement agencies
  • helped to seize nearly 3.9 tonnes of ivory, 214 rhino horns, 7.9 tonnes of pangolin scales and other parts from endangered wildlife
  • saved over 8,000 vulnerable reptiles, several big cat cubs and primates, including critically endangered baby orangutans, from the illegal pet trade

Our Impact in 2022

Our work contributed to:

  • the arrests of 27 high-level suspected traffickers
  • the disruption of at least 23 criminal networks
  • the year saw us strengthen our capabilities to influence policies that will prioritise the fight against wildlife crime, engaging with political, specialist, corporate and mainstream audiences to further our mission
  • we also further expanded our network of allies and partners so our work can make an even greater impact

As an organisation, 2022 was our most successful year since our founding in 2015. Much of our efforts in previous years came to fruition, and we played a crucial role in major arrests in Nigeria, Mozambique and Thailand.

Have a look at our highlights in 2022: