Our Impact

In 2015, we had a powerful new idea. Today we know it works.

Our Impact since 2015

Within five years of existence, the Wildlife Justice Commission has:

  • conducted 24 investigations throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas
  • helped dismantle 22 criminal networks, preventing them from regrouping
  • facilitated 124 arrests of high-level criminals, with impressive conviction rates
  • shared 290 intelligence reports with law enforcement agencies
  • helped to seize nearly 2.5 tonnes of ivory, dozens of rhino horns, 780 kg of pangolin scales and other parts from endangered wildlife
  • saved over 8,000 vulnerable reptiles, several big cat cubs and primates, including critically endangered baby orangutans, from the illegal live pet trade

Our Impact in 2019

Our actionable intelligence contributed to:

  • the arrests of 29 high-level traffickers
  • the seizure of over 1,000 live animals from the illegal pet trade, including primates, exotic birds, reptiles, and over 800 turtles and tortoises of high-value specimens.
  • the seizure of animal parts including more than 350 kg of ivory.

Our focus on high-level traffickers and prolific networks helped dismantle networks. Sources have confirmed the traffickers’ networks have been successfully disrupted and prevented from re-grouping.

We shared intelligence with law enforcement authorities in 11 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Mozambique, South Africa, Thailand, United States, Bolivia, China, India, Lao PDR and Vietnam.

Interested in more results? Read our Annual Report 2019.

This short video shows some of our highlights in 2019 that have been made possible with your support!

During 2019, we have extended our outreach and the scope of our investigations, strengthened our partnerships with law enforcement agencies and key stakeholders and brought our message forward to governments and international bodies to urge them to make the fight against wildlife crime a priority.