Independent Review Panel

The Independent Review Panel

The IRP plays a critical role in the WJC’s process by conducting an objective examination and evaluation of the WJC’s Case Files.

The Independent Review Panel (IRP) plays a critical role in the Wildlife Justice Commission’s process by conducting an objective examination and evaluation of the Wildlife Justice Commission’s Case Files. Members of the IRP are therefore carefully selected based on their: 1) affinity with the rule of law, transparency and anti-corruption; 2) independence; and 3) impartiality and high moral character.

The members of the IRP range from high-profile national and international judges to well respected academics, investigative journalists and authors with widely recognised expertise in wildlife or organised crime. In selecting the members of the IRP, the Wildlife Justice Commission strives for an even distribution of individuals based on their expertise, gender and geographical background. Their appointment is approved by the Wildlife Justice Commission’s Supervisory Board.

In the event that a Public Hearing is convened, the Wildlife Justice Commission appoints five members of the IRP to form a Designated IRP for the review of the  Case File , at the Hearing. We strive to achieve a balanced representation of Panel members with regard to expertise, gender and geographical background for each Designated IRP.