Intelligence Unit

The Wildlife Justice Commission’s Intelligence Unit undertakes the collection, collation and analysis of information that we use to create tactical, operational and strategic intelligence assessments in support of current Investigations, as well as dissemination to law enforcement agencies or other NGOs.

The Intelligence Unit provides real time analytical support during deployment of our investigations teams in the field. Post-operationally, analysis is also undertaken to evaluate the investigation, and identify potential leads of further enquiry in addition to outlining possible areas of improvement for future cases. The Unit also undertakes comprehensive strategic assessments to inform the Wildlife Justice Commission’s Management Team and Supervisory Board of potential threats, risks, emerging issues and opportunities relevant to international illegal trade which enable the creation of multi-year Strategic Plans.

Recently the Intelligence Unit undertook an operational assessment into the illegal tiger trade in South East Asia and South Africa. This analysis was supported by targeted investigations to address intelligence gaps and as a result the Intelligence Unit was able to collect significant intelligence on actors and convergence points of the tiger trafficking supply chain.

During this assessment the Intelligence Unit identified a group of Vietnamese traffickers operating within the jungles of Malaysia. This assessed information was passed onto the Investigations Team who were able to rapidly develop the intelligence picture by connecting with the traffickers.

The Wildlife Justice Commission contacted Malaysia’s Department of Wildlife and National Parks, (Perhilitan) Wildlife Crime Unit and was able to support them to effect the arrest of eight Vietnamese nationals and the seizure of tiger skins and other tiger and lion products. Read more about the Perhilitan arrests here.

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