Our investigations generate evidence in accordance with best law enforcement practice, combined with intelligence analysis which is compiled into a Case File.

We investigate wildlife crimes and establish which laws have been violated on a national level. This includes not only wildlife crime laws, but also associated crimes such as money laundering, fraud and corruption.

Our investigations are well planned and diligently documented. We make use of case management and intelligence analysis software employed by law enforcement agencies around the world. This allows us to provide our evidence and criminal analyses to law enforcement agencies in a format they are familiar with.

Our investigations team is made up of former law enforcement officers from Australia, USA, EU and Viet Nam with specialist expertise in major case investigations, international wildlife investigation, surveillance, undercover and intelligence analysis.

A number of our law enforcement experts have trained law enforcement agencies in wildlife crime investigation techniques on behalf of the UNODC, INTERPOL and other NGOs. We use trained undercover operatives using the latest covert surveillance equipment.

We believe it takes a network to defeat a network and so, we collaborate and share information with other NGOs and governments whenever we can.