The Wildlife Justice Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organisation operating globally. Consisting of criminal justice, law enforcement and wildlife crime experts with a core, lean team based in The Hague, The Netherlands, and others in the field. For more information about our team click here.

We are wholly funded by well renowned private foundations and government organisations – complete details on our Donors page.

Our core team is supported by a Supervisory Board, and an Advisory Council – a group of experts from across the globe who provide the organisation with valuable local insights and knowledge.

In addition, we work in collaboration with partners in key fields; an Independent Review Panel of independent, international, high level individuals; and high-profile, influential Ambassadors – all of whom help us to ensure that wildlife crimes are effectively tackled.


According to the adjusted Rules of Procedure as of 3 May 2017 the term ‘Accountability Panel’ has been replaced with ‘Independent Review Panel (IRP)’ when referring to the pool of appointed individuals willing to initially review a Case File or participate in a Public Hearing and ‘Designated Independent Review Panel’ for the IRP constituted for a Public Hearing in a specific case.