Our Cause

Protecting vulnerable species from transnational organised crime

Our planet’s wildlife is crying out for justice. Vulnerable species are being trafficked to the point of extinction, while our oceans are plundered, and illegal logging devastates huge swathes of the last ancient forests. These environmental crimes impact every nation on Earth and have a catastrophic effect on our planet’s biodiversity, with far-reaching consequences for our climate, public health, and international security and stability:

  • Wildlife crime frequently converges with other serious organised crimes, like human and drug trafficking.
  • Illegal logging accelerates climate change and habitat loss. Fisheries crime poses a serious threat to ocean health. Every species preyed upon by the illegal wildlife trade plays an important role in their habitat’s ecosystem.
  • Three-quarters of all emerging diseases are of zoonotic origins. SARS-CoV-2, remains a stark example of the dire consequences that wildlife trafficking can pose to public health.

Despite the clear dangers it poses, wildlife crime, fisheries crime, and illegal logging remain an appealing business for transnational criminal networks. Wildlife crime is currently estimated to be the 4th largest illegal trade worldwide (after firearms, drugs, and human trafficking), and is estimated to be worth up to USD 23 billion a year for wildlife alone. With the addition of fisheries and timber crimes, it is worth up to USD 69-199 billion per year.

The natural world is fast approaching the point of no return: climate change, biodiversity loss and wildlife crime affect every living thing. Time is running out.

We won’t get a second chance

Only by working together can we disrupt and help dismantle the criminal networks profiting from environmental crimes, build the political will to tackle these crimes, and create the sustainable solutions our world desperately needs.

Read more about our work to protect the natural world from transnational organised crime:

The Wildlife Justice Commission’s work

The Wildlife Justice Commission envisions a world without wildlife, forest and fisheries crimes, because governments effectively enforce the law. Our mission is to disrupt and help dismantle the transnational criminal networks trading in wildlife, timber, and fish, by collecting evidence and turning it into accountability.

We conduct intelligence-led investigations to gather verifiable, actionable evidence of wildlife crimes. We share our intelligence analysis with law enforcement agencies and policy makers to inform their work against wildlife crime.

The Wildlife Justice Commission provides operational and analytical support, training and mentoring to law enforcement, facilitating more effective enforcement against wildlife trafficking. We also work to influence policy and build the political will needed to effectively address wildlife crime.

Now is the time for urgent and decisive action, before it is too late. Our approach works. And with your help, we can make an even bigger impact.

We must act differently, faster and more decisively before it is too late, and species are lost forever