Our Work

Working to stop wildlife crime

Our vision is a world without wildlife crime because governments effectively enforce the law

We undertake undercover, intelligence-driven investigations, based on law enforcement methodology, with a goal of presenting verifiable, first-hand evidence of wildlife crimes in Case Files or intelligence reports to national governments and law enforcement agencies for action. We identify high-level trafficking suspects through intelligence analysis; publish briefings and reports to help build a broader knowledge base; and share intelligence with governments, to enable more effective enforcement against wildlife trafficking.

We operate within clear procedural lines, our Rules of Procedure, a transparent process designed by criminal justice, law enforcement and wildlife crime experts. The objective of our procedure is to provide a clear trajectory for the review of the Case File, our efforts with national dialogue to persuade a government to act and, where necessary, in conducting a Public Hearing.

Our goal is to support law enforcement action in arresting and successfully prosecuting high-level traffickers as well as disrupting their criminal networks. We offer operational support but also create diplomatic pressure on those governments that are unwilling to act on the evidence, holding a Public Hearing as a last resort.

We will work with law enforcement, policymakers, intergovernmental organisations and non-governmental entities to advance the cause of wildlife justice and over the longer-term help create sustainable solutions.