Our Work

Working to deter wildlife crime

Envisioning a world without wildlife crime because governments effectively enforce the law

The Wildlife Justice Commission undertakes undercover, intelligence-driven investigations, based on law enforcement methodology, with a goal of presenting verifiable, first-hand evidence of wildlife crimes in Case Files or intelligence reports to national governments and law enforcement agencies for action.

We identify high-level trafficking suspects through intelligence analysis; publish briefings and reports to help build a broader knowledge base; and share intelligence with governments, to enable more effective enforcement against wildlife trafficking.

We operate within clear procedural lines, our Rules of Procedure, a transparent process designed by criminal justice, law enforcement and wildlife crime experts.

Our goal is to support law enforcement action in arresting and successfully prosecuting high-level traffickers as well as disrupting their criminal networks. We offer operational support but also create diplomatic pressure on those governments that are unwilling to act on the evidence, holding a Public Hearing as a last resort.

We will work with law enforcement, policymakers, intergovernmental organisations and non-governmental entities to advance the cause of wildlife justice and over the longer-term help create sustainable solutions.

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Watch this undercover video:

WJC investigators are sent a video of a safe house in Dhaka (Bangladesh), where hundreds of vulnerable and endangered reptiles are stored prior to transit and offered to overseas customers.

The WJC provided intelligence on the site to INTERPOL. Local authorities arrested five individuals and seized 600 animals.