Our Partners

It takes courage

Every day, our teams conduct intelligence-led, undercover investigations and provide reliable, actionable evidence to support governments and national law enforcement agencies in their fight against wildlife crime.

But we cannot achieve results by ourselves. The support of our partners and supporters is essential to stop this multi-billion-dollar illicit business that’s decimating already endangered species that are entitled to protection.

Our funding comes primarily from the generous contributions of lotteries, foundations and individuals.

It takes courage to do what we do, and it takes courage to fund us. Without your support, our mission to disrupt and help dismantle organised criminal networks will not be possible. Join our courageous group of partners and individual supporters and make a real difference ensuring justice for wildlife!

Thank you to our generous partners

We are particularly indebted to the Nationale Postcode Loterij of the Netherlands for continuously supporting our work by granting the Wildlife Justice Commission permanent beneficiary status as of 2019, with a yearly grant of EUR 500,000 for five years in addition to the three-year, EUR 2.5m grant that we received from them in 2017. This funding allows much needed flexibility to our operations and has enabled us to increase capacity and cover the cost of longer term investigations. It also provides a strong, clear signal of the Lottery’s confidence in our team, our effectiveness and the urgent need for our work to continue.

Nationale Postcode Loterij
Oak Foundation
Addesium Foundation
Swedish Postcode Foundation
The Brook Foundation.
African Parks
Fondation Segré
Fondation Brigitte Bardot
National Geographic Society
Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies
Dux International
Elephant Crisis Fund
Turing Foundation
Prince Bernhard Nature Fund

We are also extremely grateful to other organisations, businesses and individuals that contribute to our work with pro-bono assistance and in-kind donations. Their support provides an extremely valuable contribution to achieving our mission.

Find more information on how we are funded in the Financial and Annual Reports section.

If you’d like to find out more about contributing to our work as a foundation, trust or company, and the impact that your partnership will have on ensuring justice for wildlife, we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact Andrea Frey, Director of International Growth, for a personalised collaboration proposal. → Email Andrea.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance for us. We will keep your personal details safe and will not share it with third parties under any circumstances. Read our privacy policy here.

Your donations

…help us to stop wildlife crime. Your support makes a difference.

Donations made to the WJC are tax-deductible under Dutch law, as we have ANBI status. See our Please Donate section for more details on how you can help us to ensure justice for wildlife!

US-based entities are welcome to contact Friends of Wildlife Justice Commission (FoWJC) at this email. FoWJC is a 501.3.(c) registered charity established in 2017 to enable us to generate additional support for our ongoing work. Individual tax-deductible contributions from the US made to FoWJC can be sent to FoWJC, 204 Columbia Heights, Apt 4B, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA. Thank you!