Listen to our podcast! Women against wildlife crime

International Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day we are launching our first podcast, Women against wildlife crime, to listen to testimonies of those women working to put an end to wildlife crime.

Crime investigators, intelligence analysts, lawyers, communicators. Women are and have always been at the forefront of the fight against wildlife trafficking, a multi-billion-dollar transnational organised crime that is threatening our already scarce wildlife.

In this podcast, we listen to the women working at the Wildlife Justice Commission. Coming from diverse cultural backgrounds and different professional careers, they are a large part of a team which is contributing to deter wildlife trafficking, drive the criminals out of the shadows and bring an end to their dirty business, so we can gain time for species to recover.

We listen to their day to day work, sometimes difficult and dangerous; the risks and the challenges they face and also their hopes for a future where the current rampant levels of wildlife crime can be reduced and species have a better chance to survive.

Listen to the podcast here or tune in to Soundcloud and Anchor.

We welcome you to listen to it, share it via social media with the hashtag #WomenAgainstWildlifeCrime, and please, write a review. We want to hear from you!