Judge Elizabeth Nkabinde

Acting Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa

Judge Elizabeth Nkabinde is a retired Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of South Africa. She is a Director of the School Aid of South Africa, an organization that aims to promote literacy in schools.

Judge Nkabinde was born at Silwerkrans, South Africa. She has served in different Superior Courts in her home country, including the High Court, the Labour Court, the Labour Appeal Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal. She also served at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of South Africa for 12 (twelve years), as one of the eleven (11) Judges of that Court. While serving in the Constitutional Court, she acted as Deputy Chief Justice and Chief Justice. Due to her extensive experience on the South African jurisprudence, Judge Nkabinde has presented papers at various fora. She also conducted seminars for post-graduate students at the University of Maryland, School of Law faculty.