John Webb

Independent advisor on wildlife trafficking

Prior to his retirement in 2011, Mr. Webb was on the US Government team which was geared towards investigating and prosecuting transnational and domestic trafficking and poaching. Between 1978 and 2011, Mr. Webb fulfilled various roles including actively advising investigators in the US Fish and Wildlife Service and law enforcement at the Department of the Interior, writing enforcement regulations, and worked on hundreds of wildlife cases at the Department of Justice. Moreover, Mr. Webb developed innovative techniques for prosecuting wildlife traffickers during his tenure, first in the Wildlife and Marine Resources Section, then later in the Environmental Crimes Section. Contributions by Mr. Webb, in collaboration with the US Sentencing Commission, led to Sentencing Guidelines for wildlife offenses.

During 2013 Mr. Webb was appointed as an “independent” member (unaffiliated) to the Advisory Council created by President Obama’s Executive Order “Combating Wildlife Trafficking” to enhance US efforts against wildlife trafficking. The Council provided advice including heightened anti-poaching activities, improved law enforcement in relation to transnational trafficking, and reduced consumer demand.

Mr. Webb continues to address enforcement issues on transnational wildlife trafficking at several events in the United Nations Environment and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, and the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly.