Maggie Jacobi

Chief Operating Officer (WJC International)

Maggie Jacobi is a seasoned professional with a decade-long track record in crafting and executing strategic operations, management, security, and finance protocols for nonprofit organisations dedicated to combating corruption, illicit finance, and transnational organised crime. Her expertise extends to partnering with cross-cultural nonprofits, specialising in sustainable scaling and adept support system implementation for existing teams.

Ms Jacobi is the founding partner of Intertidal Advisory, a boutique consulting practice dedicated to providing operations leadership for global nonprofits with high-risk appetites.

Ms Jacobi holds a Master of Public Administration degree with honors in nonprofit management and cost benefit analysis and is professionally certified in security management and nonprofit risk leadership.

In 2022, Ms Jacobi was an Investigative Journalism Safety and Security Fellow with The Global Investigative Journalism Network. She has previously been awarded the Almara Grant for Excellence in Historical Research, the Weissman Center for Leadership’s Community Based Learning Fellowship, and the C.L.Christensen International Fellowship. She has been trained by Greenleaf Integrative in trauma-aware crisis management and debriefing.