Judge Motoo Noguchi

Attorney at Law at Iwatagodo in Tokyo

Judge Motoo Nogushi is an Attorney at Law at Iwatagodo in Tokyo. He previously served as the Board Chair of the Trust Fund for Victims at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and is a former UN International Judge at the Khmer Rouge Trials in Cambodia. Judge Noguchi was previously a prosecutor in Japan (1985-1996), professor at the Research and Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice (1996-2000), counsel at the Office of the General Counsel of Asian Development Bank (2000-2004), professor at the UN Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (2004-2012), international judge of the Supreme Court Chamber at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC, 2006-2012), Director of International Cooperation Department of the Research and Training Institute (2012-2014), prosecutor at the Supreme Prosecutors Office of Japan (2014-2020), and Ambassador for International Judicial Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2018-2020).  

Judge Noguchi graduated from the University of Tokyo, faculty of law (1983), and the Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (1985). Judge Noguchi was visiting scholar at the University of Washington, School of Law (1992-1993), visiting professional at the ICC (2005), visiting fellow at Yale Law School, Schell Center for International Human Rights (2006-2007), and visiting professor at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (2009-2016).