Oliver C. Ruppel

South Africa

Mr. Ruppel is Professor of Law and Director of the Development and Rule of Law Programme (DROP) at Stellenbosch University (South Africa). He is a distinguished Fellow of the Fraunhofer Centre for International Management and Knowledge Economy, Leipzig (Germany); Professor extraordinaire at the University of Central Africa, Yaoundé (Cameroon); Strathmore Law School, Nairobi (Kenya); at the China-Africa Institute for Business and Law, Xiangtan University (China); and the European Law Faculty, Nova University, Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Mr. Ruppel is a member of the Academy of Sciences, Cameroon; Member of the Sahel Consortium (USA); Member of the Advisory Committee, Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD), Geneva (Switzerland); Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Centre for Climate Law (ClimLaw), Graz (Austria); Member of the International Conservations Union (IUCN) World Commission for Environmental Law (WCEL); AR5 coordinating lead-author of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); founding Director of the Climate Policy and Energy Security Programme for sub-Saharan Africa, at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany); founding WTO Chair-holder, World Trade Organisation and University of Namibia, where he had previously also served as Director of the Human Rights and Documentation Centre.