Sarah Stoner

Director of Intelligence

After gaining an honours degree in Sociology and Cultural Studies, Sarah Stoner worked for Greater Manchester Police in the UK for six years, first as an intelligence officer, where she was based in Specialist Operational Units, such as the Air Support and Tactical Command Units. She later moved into an analytical role where she was professionally trained as a criminal intelligence analyst, working at the Force Intelligence Bureau focusing on acquisitive crime, and finally a short deployment at the Counter-Terrorism Unit, where she worked on several live operations. Ms Stoner later moved to the UK Wildlife Crime Unit where she worked on national wildlife crime issues and where her interest in international wildlife crime led to a role with TRAFFIC, based in Malaysia, where she directed the law enforcement support work for Southeast Asia during four years. She has also authored and coordinated diverse reports and case studies on wildlife crime issues. 

Ms Stoner joined the Wildlife Justice Commission in 2016 as a Senior Intelligence Analyst and later on moved into the Director of Intelligence role where she now heads the Intelligence Development Unit, supporting the Investigations Team.