Simon Minks

National Senior Public Prosecutor of the Netherlands

Simon Minks specialises in counter-terrorism and the prosecution of war crimes. He served many years as Liaison Magistrate with the International Criminal Court, Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, and the Embassies until February 2020. Prior to his position as senior public prosecutor, he was a practicing lawyer for 10 years. Mr Minks prosecuted (some of them in appeal) highly sensitive cases, including: Trafigura (for the export of illegal waste), five members of the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for their role in the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, members of an international terrorist group related to Syria and Iraq, three former Afghan generals, a Rwandan war criminal, Somali pirates, and a Dutch supplier of weaponisable chemicals to Saddam Hussein. He was also one of the two prosecutors who investigated the suicide of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia convicted Mr Praljak. 

Mr Minks gives international trainings and presentations for judges, prosecutors and policemen, and guest lectures at multiple universities. He currently serves as an UN Office on Drugs and Crime counter-terrorism consultant on nuclear security and terrorism and was the recipient of several honorary gifts for his work on behalf of victims of international crimes.