Susi Zijderveld

Chair / the Netherlands

Susi Zijderveld is the Chair of the Wildlife Justice Commission’s Supervisory Board. Ms Zijderveld served as an external member of the Board of Dutch law firm Pels Rijcken, and focused on governance issues. She was Chief Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer at the Dutch Railways and was a member of the Executive Board, as well as Acting CEO of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. She started her career as a lawyer at Dutch law firm Stibbe and has served in different executive roles at the Dutch National Bank. Ms Zijderveld is currently a supervisory board member at the Dutch NIBC Bank. She also has governance experience within the non-for-profit sector and is currently a member of the Netherlands Human Rights Watch Council and Committee, Board member of the Concertgebouwfonds, and Chair of the Board of the National Fund 4 and 5 May.