The Wildlife Justice Commission welcomes 3 new funding partners for our mission of fighting transnational organised wildlife crime

We are excited to announce three new partnerships with respected funders, who share the Wildlife Justice Commission’s vision of a world without wildlife crime.

Joining our list of partners are the UK Government, through the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund, the Swedish Postcode Foundation, and the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Global.

Our mission is to disrupt and help dismantle transnational criminal networks trading in wildlife, timber, and fish. We do this by working closely with law enforcement agencies, sharing intelligence reports; presenting compelling evidence; and building law enforcement capability to investigate and address these crimes through training, mentoring, and conducting joint operations.

The Swedish Postcode Foundation and the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund (IWT Challenge Fund) have awarded the Wildlife Justice Commission important grants to support law enforcement in Mozambique to enhance their capabilities for investigating and prosecuting wildlife crime. The Swedish Postcode Foundation grant supports an intensive training and mentoring programme for approximately 25 law enforcement personnel as well as the development of a long-term plan to support sustainable capacity within the full judiciary cycle in Mozambique. The grant from the IWT Challenge builds on this work by “training the trainer” and bringing training to additional locations within the country to lay the foundation for sustainable and long-term change.  

The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Global is supporting the Wildlife Justice Commission in its quest to disrupt the illegal trade of jaguar parts along the supply chain from Latin America to Asia.  South America accounts for 40% of the planet’s biodiversity; however, many threats in the region endanger this status. The jaguar, the largest cat in the Americas, is one of the victims of this trend due to loss of habitat as well as the illegal wildlife trade.

“In order to continue to expand our impact, establishing new partnerships is crucial. We thank the UK Government, through the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund, the Swedish Postcode Foundation, and the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Global for the trust they placed in us. We look forward to working together to stop the destruction of our biodiversity for profit”, said Olivia Swaak-Goldman, the Wildlife Justice Commission’s Executive Director.

Marie Dahllöf, Secretary General for the Swedish Postcode Foundation stated, “Combatting organised crime in animal trafficking and poaching demand actions and attention on a local level. Providing governments and local agencies with the right tools to independently conduct complex investigations and bring perpetrators to justice will greatly enhance the possibilities to put an end to this unlawful trade. Wildlife Justice Committee has proven to be effective in their previous endeavours and we are confident they will be successful in Mozambique.”

About Swedish Postcode Foundation

The Swedish Postcode Foundation was established in 2003 by Novamedia Sweden AB, which operates and owns the Swedish Postcode Lottery concept. As a beneficiary of the Swedish Postcode Lottery, the Postcode Foundation annually receives part of the lottery’s surplus to delegate various types of projects related to people’s living conditions, nature and environment, culture, and sports. Since 2007, The Postcode Foundation has invested 1.8 billion SEK in over 770 projects.

About the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund

The UK government is committed to tackling the illegal wildlife trade. The Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund provides financial support to practical projects around the world which are reducing demand for IWT products; ensuring effective legal frameworks and deterrents; strengthening law enforcement; developing sustainable livelihoods to benefit people directly affected by IWT. The illegal wildlife trade is a criminal industry worth more than £17 billion each year threatening both wildlife and people. To date, the IWT Challenge Fund has supported 157 projects in over 60 countries to a value of over £51 million.

About the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Global

Inspired and informed by interconnectedness, The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Global supports programs in arts and culture and Buddhism, and funds initiatives that enhance the wellbeing of humanity and the environment. The Foundation is a private philanthropy with historical roots in Hong Kong and a global vision. Our work is guided by the values of our founder and made possible through the ongoing engagement of the Ho family.