The Wildlife Justice Commission provides training and equipment to the Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya Wildlife Service

The Wildlife Justice Commission does not only undertake its own investigations; it shares intelligence, tools and techniques with other organisation. In implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the WJC, on 19 July Olivia Swaak-Goldman, Wildlife Justice Commission Executive Director, presented Julius Kimani HSC; ndc (K), Acting Director General KWS, with two cellbrite machines to assist KWS with their work combatting wildlife crime.

Building additional capacity

Since March 2018 when the Memorandum of Understanding was signed, we have assisted KWS with database management as well as conducting seven trainings for their units. Until now, the Wildlife Justice Commission has provided training for 400 KWS operational intelligence and investigations staff.

Future plans also include providing crime scene investigation, both advanced and one-day courses, which are crucial for first responders who are often first at the crime scene. We have also provided them essential equipment to bolster intelligence efforts at a regional as well as at a national level.

About the Kenya Wildlife Service

The Kenya Wildlife Service is a Kenyan state corporation that was established in 1989 to conserve and manage Kenya’s wildlife. It is established under an Act of Parliament Cap 376 with the mandate to conserve and manage wildlife in Kenya, and to enforce related laws and regulations.