Our Work

Fighting transnational organised wildlife crime

Crime fighting to save our planet’s biodiversity

Project Galvanise

Our Impact

Disrupting pangolin trafficking in cooperation with the Nigeria Customs Service

Dismantling major poaching and trafficking networks with law enforcement partners in Mozambique

Disrupting the live pet trade with Thai authorities

Operation Caesar

The BBC published a special report that details how top-of-the-pyramid traffickers from Asia were outwitted by investigators from the Wildlife Justice Commission in Nigeria, in partnership with the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS).

Our Publications

Convergence of wildlife crime with other forms of organised crime – A 2023 review

Dirty Money: The Role of Corruption in Enabling Wildlife Crime

Wildlife Justice Commission 2022 Annual Report

To skin a cat: How organised crime capitalises and exploits captive tiger facilities

Rhino horn trafficking as a form of transnational organised crime 2012-2021: 2022 Global threat assessment

Ah Nam: The Downfall of Vietnam’s Wolf of Wall Street

Wildlife Justice Commission 2021 Annual Report

Report: Bringing down the Dragon I Q&A with Stephen Carmody, Director of Programs, Wildlife Justice Commission

Our Highlights

Reaching new milestones against wildlife crime in 2023

Winning big against wildlife crime in 2022

Our successes in combatting wildlife crime during the year 2021

Highlights of our work in 2019

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TEDx Talks: How criminal intelligence can help save the pangolin from extinction