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Viet Nam Public Hearing update: What evidence will be presented?
20 September 2016, The Hague | News

On 14 & 15 November 2016, the Wildlife Justice Commission will present evidence from its investigation into wildlife trafficking hub, Nhi Khe, Viet Nam.

Just as we limit disclosure of information obtained during the operational phase of an investigation, it continues to be crucial not to jeopardize any criminal investigation when presenting evidence at a Public Hearing.

Evidence will be presented in such a way as to ensure it is still viable in any resulting investigation by national authorities, as follows:

– The five Designated Independent Review Panel members will be given complete Case Files for review including the identifying information of the 51 individuals concerned.
– The evidence presented to the public will be the same, except, anonymised of individuals’ identifying information.( i.e: an individual’s name and contact details).
– The body of evidence to be presented to all at the Public Hearing includes: video, audio, visual, transcripts and other details.

The Public Hearing is a mechanism designed to help activate justice once all other avenues have been explored.