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Viet Nam Public Hearing: Who will you hear from?
02 November 2016, The Hague | Uncategorized

On 14 & 15 November 2016, the Wildlife Justice Commission will present evidence from its investigation into wildlife trafficking hub, Nhi Khe, Viet Nam.

As the Agenda outlines, there will be a variety of speakers

Presentations by NGOs, IGOs and Academic Experts

• Mr Steve Broad, CEO of TRAFFIC
• Dr Annette Hübschle, Postdoctoral researcher University of Cape Town and senior research advisor Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime
• Ms Deborah Banks, Campaign Leader Tigers & Wildlife Crime, Environmental Investigation Agency
• Ms Mary Rice, Executive Director, Environmental Investigation Agency
• Mr Daniel Turner, Associate Director, Born Free Foundation
• Mr Rikkert Reijnen, Senior Project Lead Wildlife Trade and Elephants, IFAW
• Mr Rob Parry-Jones, Species Manager, WWF International
• Mr Leif Gӧrts, lawyer, Eurojust
• Ms Gillian Dell, head of conventions unit, Transparency International

The Public Hearing is a mechanism designed to help activate justice once all other avenues have been explored.