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The Wildlife Justice Commission receives a grant of €2.5 million from the Dutch Postcode Lottery
07 February 2017, The Hague | Press Release

The Hague, 7 February 2017: The grant was announced during the annual ‘Goed Geld Gala’ of the Dutch Postcode Lottery which took place on Monday 6 February 2017 in Amsterdam, NL.

Being a three year grant, this gives the Wildlife Justice Commission a successful outlook for the future in achieving its goals.

During the annual “Goed Geld Gala”, Good Money Gala, the Dutch Postcode Lottery donated, in total, a record amount of over 341 million euros to charity. This record donation is possible thanks to the 2.8 million loyal lottery members: half of the earnings of each lot goes to charity. During the Gala, more than 100 charities were informed about the amount they will receive as contribution for their organisation. Since the start of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, in 1989, it has donated over € 5 Billion to charity.

The Executive Director of the Wildlife Justice Commission, Olivia Swaak-Goldman, attended the ceremony on behalf of the team, she said:

“Having the Dutch Postcode Lottery embarking on this journey with us, shows how committed they are to our work and for this we are incredibly grateful. We are also proud to have such a well informed and significant partner as wildlife crime is a serious problem – estimated to be a €20 bn a year illegal business. It causes irreversible harm to biodiversity and to the very fabric of human society – the effects of inaction are irreversible. It takes courage to fund organisations such as Wildlife Justice Commission and we are grateful to have the support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery”.

Our primary goal is to achieve justice for the wildlife and affected source communities concerned by the illegal wildlife trade. Operating globally, our work reflects the transnational nature of the illegal wildlife trade and typically covers multiple countries within each investigation. We currently have ten investigations in progress at different stages.




Wildlife Justice Commission:

  • An international not-for-profit organisation based in The Hague, NL, and operating globally to disrupt and help dismantle transnational, organised wildlife crime.
  • The objective of our investigations is to activate justice. Sometimes this happens immediately while other investigations take longer if they require extensive national dialogue. If cooperation and dialogue do not effect a response, a Public Hearing is convened.
  • Through leveraging the rule of law and solid investigations, to expose criminal networks and the corruption that enables them to flourish; helping to ensure governments effectively enforce their laws.
  • Our scope encompasses illegal trade by organised transnational criminal networks in endangered wildlife species, timber and fisheries.

Photographer: Roy Beusker Fotografie.