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WJC有中文版网站了 / Our website is now available in Mandarin
24 August 2016, The Hague | Uncategorized

野生动植物正义委员会致力于调查全球有组织的犯罪网络所进行的濒危野生物种的非法交易,这些物种包括动物,植物,木材和渔业。 我们是一个新成立的非盈利国际组织,致力于打击有组织的跨国野生动植物犯罪活动和由此而滋生的贪污腐败活动。

The Wildlife Justice Commission investigates global organized criminal networks illegally trading in endangered wildlife species (fauna and flora), timber and fisheries. We’re a new international not-for-profit organization operating globally to disrupt and help dismantle transnational organized wildlife crime and the corruption that enables it to flourish.

Further content and resources will be regularly added to our new Mandarin website.