World Wildlife Day 2017 – Listen to the Young Voices

World Wildlife Day 2017

Today, 3 March 2017, we celebrate World Wildlife Day under the theme “Listen to the Young Voices”. On this special day, we would like to introduce you to the hardworking and passionate youth working at the Wildlife Justice Commission. These amazing students / young professionals share a passion for wildlife and are active in the field trying to create a future for wildlife everywhere, not only for themselves but also for future generations. We are incredibly grateful for their fantastic work. In anticipation for this day they said:

“Conservation of wildlife is crucial because wildlife makes our planet beautiful and diverse! All creatures are equal and deserve respect and protection.”

Ana Tiruta, Canada, Investigations Intern

“Establishing mechanisms that can protect wildlife is vital, given the fact that the impact of illegal wildlife crime on biodiversity transcends to local communities, and fuels illegal activities including corruption and money laundering.”

Takudzwa S. Mutezo, Zimbabwe, Legal Intern

“Saving our planet and its wildlife is a responsibility for all human beings. Respect and protect wildlife, because the future is not just for our generation it belongs to all the species living on this planet!”

Marcello Pucci, Italy, Investigations Intern

“It saddens me to think my generation could be one of the last to witness the majestic beauty of tigers, the strength of rhinos, the uniqueness of pangolins and the richness of the oceans. I want biodiversity to remain a tangible concept, and not one that will only exist in the history books of our children.”

Elodie Theobald, France, Operations Intern

The fact that at such a young age they realise the threats to wildlife and their consequences is both heart-breaking and inspiring. From everyone who cares about wildlife to you, our youth – Thank you, we believe in you!