Our People

A dedicated team of professionals operating globally to tackle transnational organised wildlife crime

The Wildlife Justice Commissions’ community is made up of teams of law enforcement experts and investigators, crime analysts, diplomats, lawyers and communicators, committed to our core objective of disrupting and helping dismantle transnational organised criminal networks engaged in wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, and fisheries crime. We operate globally with in-country presence in the Netherlands, the United States of America, and Thailand.

At the core of who we are and what we do are our investigations teams, our Intelligence Development Unit, and our policy experts. The nature of their work is behind the scenes and confidential. But their decades of expertise enable us to assist law enforcement agencies in disrupting the devastating traffic in wildlife and encourage the political will needed to do what it takes to buy time for vulnerable species and to build tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

We also have an incredible group of experts in our Boards, the WJC Council, and the Independent Review Panel, who are committed to supporting the organisation.

The Wildlife Justice Commission is privileged and proud to have an extremely diverse and equitable workforce, spanning 28 nationalities and cultures. Read more about our work here.

Who We Are

A group of experts from across the globe who provide the organisation with valuable local insights and knowledge.

Leaders of the organisation overseeing the vision, strategy, operations, and administration.

Responsible for the planning and execution of strategies in their units.

Board members of the Friends of WJC – an independent entity – support the mission and vision of the Wildlife Justice Commission.

Members are renowned experts from around the world who have agreed to donate their vast experience to furthering the activities of the WJC.

The IRP plays a critical role in the WJC’s process by conducting an objective examination and evaluation of the WJC’s Case Files.

For more details on the Wildlife Justice Commission’s structure, click here.